Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life after Satchmo

When Satchmo died, I was devastated.  I cried for days and got very depressed.  He had been my constant companion for 13 years.  He was my baby and my love.  How could I ever get past losing him?

Well, I did.  It took quite a bit of time (almost a full year) before I could say his name without crying.  But I think having had such a relationship with my dog made me a better person and helped me move on.  I think he actually made it easier for me to get another dog.

I know that this new dog is not Satchmo and never witll be.  But she is her own self--rowdy, loud, attention-seeking, and even sweet.  She has her own place in my heart.

Before I lost Satchmo, I had adopted another small dog, Austin.  He is calm, quiet, sweet natured, and loves to cuddle.  So now I have two dogs who are polar opposites.

Where Austin is sweet, Leela is demanding of attention.
Where Austin is quiet, Leela is loud--barking at the wind at times.
Where Austin is calm, Leela is a ball of energy racing to and fro all day.
When Austin wants to cuddly, Leela is off terrorizing the cat.

It's amazing the differences in their behaviors, but each one is truly loved.  That is how it is supposed to be.

Let me tell you the story of how I got Leela.

I was browsing the pictures of dogs at the local animal shelter and saw what I thought was a rat terrier.  I got so excited because I wanted another rattie.  So, I grabbed my sister and we went to the shelter.

Leela was definitely NOT a rat terrier, although she has a rat terrier coat on.  She was so pathetic and so scared at the shelter that I could not in good conscience leave her there.  She cowed in the corner and shook.  I felt terrible for her.  So I went up and asked about getting her and was told there was already a hold on her.  I put my name on the list anyway, but felt better knowing that once she was spayed she would be going to a good home.

The next day, the shelter called me to say that the previous hold had been released and did I still want Leela?
Of course I did.  I grabbed my sister again and we drove lickety split to the shelter and picked up this poor scared little dog and brought her home.

From that moment, when she walked into the house, she has been the queen bee.  Her demeanor changed immediately and she now rules this roost.  Goes to show you that you can be fooled even by a little scrap of a dog.

The truth is, I love this little minx and would be lost without her.  Austin gets along with her great and the relationship she has with the cat is still up for grabs.

I recommend rescuing your pets from shelters.  These are the best pets every.

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