Friday, October 28, 2011

Dog Survives Inferno by Hiding Under Bed

Here's some good news for a change that I found on Life with Dogs. Please visit the site and leave them a comment. More people need to know about this and see that there can be some good news, sometimes.
Here's a link to a video about this dog

A Texas family finds hope amidst tragedy when their dog is recovered alive a day after their house burned down.

Patsy Alexander dug through the rubble of her parents home after it was destroyed by a fire last week. The Tyler, Texas resident was hoping to find a few sentimental items, and was shocked to find the family dog alive and well after spending the night hiding under a bed.

“I was just glad to see at least one come out and made it through this tragedy,” said Alexander.

Alexander spent the afternoon at the aftermath of her uncle’s charred home. Alexander is worried for the homeowner, James Culpepper. He was injured after helping his family to escape the blaze and is hospitalized in serious condition. Daughter Linda Cook is caring for his dog until he is released.

Authorities say the fire was started by a faulty heater that ignited a sofa. Culpepper’s family is thankful his dog somehow survived, and said they are hoping to see the two reunited in the near future.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Videos

These are cute videos of dogs being silly.  I laughed and thought you might get a kick, too.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ensure Your Pet Always Has a Way Home.

Homeless and lost pets fill our animal shelters to capacity.  True, some animals are "dumped" there, but the majority of them have been picked up roaming the streets unescorted.

Satchmo, bless his soul, was the epitome of the escape artist.  He could get through spaces much too small for him and be gone in a flash!  Once out and about, he was only caught when he wanted to be caught.  My biggest concern as I chased after him was "when will he finally get tired and want to come home?"  but my next thought was always, "what if he gets hit by a car?" because he knew nothing about traffic and streets.

There are many ways a responsible pet owner can make sure that their pet is returned to them if lost.

First, start out simply click here to get your pet an engraved tag stating the animal's name and having your last name and telephone number on one side.  Make sure to attach this to the animals collar or harness.

Secondly, click here to get your animal microchipped.  However, a caveat.  If you don't keep the information current, this is a worthless piece of junk inside of your pet.  Most microchips can be reconfigured to input new information if you move, but you must notify the company to get the information changed.

Another way to keep your pet safe is to use a GPS collar to track your dog.  These products have become more and more affordable as GPS gains in popularity.  With this system in place, you simply notify the company and they will notify you of your dogs location.

There is also the option of joining an online pet finding company where you can register and pay, then if your pet is lost, the company will call all shelters, put up flyers, send out email alerts to your area, call all of your neighbors to alert them of the lost pet.  This type of service is excellent and has a really good track record of finding lost pets.

With all the options available, there really is not a good excuse for your pet to be one of the lost and scared animals sitting in our over-crowded shelters, is there?

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Separation Anxiety Can Be A Reality For Your Dog When The Kids Go Back To School

The Anxiety Wrap is a patented product that ca...Image via WikipediaWhen summer is over and the kids have to return to school, sometimes our pets have difficulty adjusting to the loss of their playmates of summer.  Some develop anxiety disorders, some develop really bad habits and regress to puppyhood.  Here is an article that addresses this issue.  It is from and has really good information you can use immediately.

Another way to help your pet with anxiety is with the new wrap that snuggles your pet and makes them feel safe and protected.  You can visit this link to find out more about this wonderful product.


In September, as the kids head back to school, did you consider that your dog may have to adjust to the changes in the family routine just like everyone else? During the summer, your children and the family dog can develop a strong bond. Now there’s suddenly an empty and quiet house. This change in routine can cause your dog to suffer from separation anxiety or depression—to actually miss your kids—and even follow them to school. Your dog may experience the effects of the loss of extra playtime and the friendship developed with your children by exhibiting signs of separation through destructive behaviors such as:
  • Chewing furniture
  • Ripping the stuffing out of pillows
  • Shredding paper
  • Obsessive barking/whining for extended periods of time
  • House soiling
Separation anxiety is a serious condition that can be managed with structure and patience. NEVER punish your dog for exhibiting this behavior, as it will make him more fearful and potentially aggressive.
Tips to manage anxiety:
  • Start with leaving your dog at home for very short periods of time to get him used to being alone
  • Avoid emotional departures and greetings
  • Have your belongings prepared so that your departure from home is calm
  • Consider doggie daycare for prolonged absences
  • Teach the kids to avoid over stimulating the dog with departures and arrivals
  • Exercising your dog before leaving the house in the morning is a good idea so he’ll be relaxed when you return and be set for when you’re away.
  • Leave some sturdy, interactive toys for your dog to help keep him from being bored.
  • Be sure to check with your veterinarian to have your dog fully evaluated and correctly diagnosed before trying to manage the symptoms. There may be an underlying medical condition that may be misconstrued as separation anxiety.
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Friday, October 7, 2011

We have a new dog--rescued from the dog shelter in Austin

We have a new little dog, her name is Leela and she weighs in at a whooping 7 pounds.  She is a cross between a rat terrier and a chihuahua.  She is really a chihuahua in a rattie coat!   She is very sweet and loving and she almost never makes a sound.  She is interested in our feral cats but they are afraid of her and run off.  She loves Austen and they play for hours together. 

She is not my Satchmo, and never will be.  But I am glad that I was able to save a little soul.  So here are pictures!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Missing California Dog Found in Florida

Here's a wonderful story from Life with Dogs that I thought I would share here. It makes sense to do something that assures you of finding your pet, but very few people actually take any action in this matter. The choices are easy and relatively inexpensive. You can microchip, get a GPS collar, you can list your pet at online pet finding sites, or put a tag with your name and number on the pet.

This story has a happy ending, but many of these stories do not. Be a responsible pet owner, please.

A Sacramento teenager is celebrating what he calls the miraculous return of his beloved lost dog.

16-year-old Cody Baetge received Chihuahua-whippet mix Cooper as a gift from his grandfather shortly before he passed away, and was understandably distraught when a gardener accidentally left a fence gate open in 2009. Cooper bolted, and was never seen again.

Until just last week. Inexplicably, Cooper turned up in Brandon, Florida, some 2,800 miles from home. Two young girls found the lost dog and dropped him off at a local vet clinic, where a microchip scan revealed his original owner.

Baetge said he was was incredulous when he received a call telling him that Cooper would be coming home. “I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m glad everything happened the way it did, even though he’s all the way out there. But I think that’s the only way we would’ve found him,” said Baetge.

Plans are currently being made to fly Cooper home on Monday, when after more than two long years apart, a boy and his dog will be reunited and embrace the second chance that each has been given – thanks to a $20 microchip.