Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More about the kittens....

My love, KT, taking a break!
I haven't posted much recently about the feral kittens living on my front porch.  They are all spayed and neutered finally and they all got rabies shots and worming.  I can actually touch (as in pet and hold) two of them, so this month I gave them flea medicine along with the big black male cat I have had for sometime now.  He is a love and adores being rubbed, unlike his sister who is stand-offish and aloof.  Anyway, these cats are all doing well and living on the porch. 

It is comical in the mornings when I take Satchmo and Austen out to do their business, I look behind me and I have a line of black and black-n-white cats trailing behind me like little ducklings.  I will take my Flip camcorder with me some morning to try to catch a video of them all walking behind me.  I crack up.  I wonder what my neighbors think?

The beautiful and aloof Ditto

Here's Frac the scaredy cat

Reclining in the back, the friendly Fric

The lovely and at ease Petunia

The elusive and shy Tulip
I did finally get some pictures of the kittens, so will post them here.

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