Friday, April 15, 2011

Help End the Torture and Slaughter of Korean Dogs

Here is a disturbing article I found today on  I was so upset after reading it that I just had to repost it here for you to see.  I have no words to describe my feelings and thoughts on this topic right now.  I, for once, am simply speechless.

Please read this excerpt below and click on over to the site to read the entire article.  Be aware, however that you will probably leave with a sick feeling in your heart and stomach!


I was shocked this morning when I read an announcement made by In Defense of Animals, that in Korea, almost two million dogs are slated for slaughter after they are caged and tortured. They are then killed, butchered and sold as a delicacy meat for human consumption.

These miserable and unfortunate dogs are kept on display in crates in the marketplace, so customers are able to select one of their choice for purchase and butchering. What is even more horrific is that these dogs are "intentionally abused" according to In Defense of Animals, prior to slaughter and sale.

The Korean Government and Han Duk-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea is being targeted by Defense of Animals to immediately begin enforcing the existing law under the Korean Animal Protection Act and to also strengthen the law by adding an amendment to prohibit dogs and cats from being slaughtered for meat for human consumption.

In fact, most Koreans abhor this practice and consider these acts of torture and killing to be extremely disturbing. Additionally it is actually an "urban legend" that...[read more]
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