Thursday, March 17, 2011

Satchmo had his follow-up wellness check-up today!

Today, I took the boy in to see his vet for a check-up.  Since the surgery, he has been getting stronger and acting more like himself every day and today we got to see how his liver function tests were doing.

The vet was pretty happy that his Alk Phos had dropped from 7000 to only 1000 (normal high is 200)
and she was pleased that he had gained 2lbs. since surgery.  Overall, he is eating well, drinking plenty and his bathroom habits are unchanged.

He is less crabby, but he still lets you know when he doesn't like what you are doing!  Anyway, I was very happy to see that liver level dropping.  We did find out that he has back problems called spondylosis (which is just a build up of calcium and bone in the area)  which is causing him some pain, so he gets to remain on his pain meds for now.

All in all, it was a great visit and my boy is having a great St. Patrick's Day.  He even gave his vet a shamrock pin to wear on her navy blue scrubs!
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