Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's an update on the cats.

 Here's KT.

Here's Ditto.
The two older black cats are doing well.  Both are fattening up with all the food I put out.  It helps them both to be fixed so their energy does not go into fighting and mating behaviours. 

Then there are the four kittens left on my doorstep by their mama cat.  I cannot seem to convince them that they do not belong here.  Every night they are sitting outside my door waiting for dinner.  They run the two bigger cats off if they can.  They sleep in my flower beds and flower pots and frequently turn them over.                                                                                                   
Although I don't want to keep them, I have named the two black and white kittens.  They are Tulip and Petunia because they are my flower garden this year.  The other two are all black and they hang back and stay at the edge of the activity.

Ditto and KT have started staying somewhere else when the kittens are outside my door.  Two of these kittens are getting brave enough to let me touch them, so they will soon be going to the vet to get fixed.  The other two I will have to trap, I think.  But if I can trap them, they too will be fixed.  I want no more babies at my door.  It worries me that these kittens and the cats live out in the parking lot of a busy apartment complex, but so far they seem to have learned how to avoid cars and trucks.

I'll try to remember to post on these cats sporadically.  Since, now, they seem to be a fixture in my life and in the family.
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