Saturday, February 19, 2011

Update on Satchmo's situation

My boy had surgery to remove the left lobe of his liver due to a very large mass.  He had to remain in the ICU until the following Monday, when he got to come home finally.  He was weak and mad at me, but he was definitely glad to be home.  He didn't even mind being locked up in his crate.

My first reaction was horror when I saw the size of the incision.  He has an op-site bandage running from his breastbone down to the right side of his penis sheath.  He is a very good boy, though and is not the least bit interested in licking or chewing this bandage.  He does, however, worry the places where he had the IV's and he really hates that he has no hair on either side of his body. 

He was not out of the woods entirely when he came home.  We still had to wait for the pathology report on the tumor.  His vet called finally to give me the news.  NO CANCER!!!!! His tumor was a benign type of liver tumor so he will not have to follow up with an oncologist.  Now, he just has to recuperate and get his strength back.  He is so thin!

But, every day he seems to be feeling better and he has just a bit more energy.  He still wants to spend the day in his crate, but I can leave the door open because that's where he wants to be.  At night, though, he wants to be in the bed with me, so I let him get settled on his side of the bed and wake myself up 100 times to check on him.  Its kind of silly since I have been sleeping with him all of his life, including when he was just a tiny little thing.  I am just afraid that I will inadvertently hurt him and I can't stand that thought.

He goes back to the vet on Monday for a check up and to see if he can get any of his staples removed.  I, for one, am not in any hurry to get them out.  They don't seem to be bothering him and I don't want him to reopen that humongous wound.

More to follow when we get back from his check-up.  For now, I am just so happy to have him healthy and home.  I love this baby boy very much and am glad I was able to do the right thing for him.

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