Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Mood -- Pensive

My little Man!
Today, I sit and look at my little man and I have to realize that he is not quite as spry as he once was.  He no longer can jump up on the bed at night, so I carefully pick him up and tuck him under the covers.  He has trouble getting up in the recliner with me when I watch TV, so I have to lower the foot rest part way down and he uses it like a ramp to get up in my lap.  I am starting to believe that his sight is going and I frequently see "floaters" in his eyes when he looks up at me.

More and more, his mood is irritable and cranky, so I have to believe that he is hurting with his joints.  I give him Ultram from the vet when he appears extremely irritable, but I think he may need the medication more often now.  He does not have the energy he once had and he seems to frighten easily.  I worry about him.  He is my little man and I don't want to lose him.

KT on the stoop
On another note, the cats outside are doing well.  I still never could catch the female, Ditto. She is now having her second set of babies.  She had them on Saturday, I think because she was really big in the morning when I left for work and that evening she was very thin.  I am making sure she is getting plenty of food and water so she and her brood can be healthy.  The male, KT, is quite happy since his trip to the vet.  He lazes on the front stoop and goes for walks with me and the dogs.  He has even come in the house to visit for brief periods and now has his own box to sleep in by the front door, complete with blankets and towels for comfort and warmth.

I will again try to capture Ditto when I am sure she is finished nursing.  I really want her to get shots and be spayed so we have no more babies.

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