Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Animal Rescue Organizations

I regularly receive emails from various rescue organizations.  I thought I would post some of those now for you to see the desperate need of these animals.  Please help if you can.  You can make all the difference for a small soul just by helping out.

Just look into Chloe's eyes. The pain and sadness are obvious.
But there is also a glimmer of hope.
Donate Today!
Can you see it?
In spite of the horror that this sweet
kitten has suffered,you can tell in her
eyes that all the good that's happened
to her since arriving at Bideawee - the
tender loving care...the nutritious food...
the warm bed - have given her the hope she needs to keep going.

Donate Today!

Now I hope you'll look into your heart and make a generous tax-
deductible donation to Bideawee today to help us give innocent,
abandoned kittens like Chloe a second chance at life. You are the
reason for her hope.

Chloe was found taped inside a box outside an apartment building
in New York City and left to die. Thankfully, a kind soul heard
her weak cries and immediately brought her to Bideawee and
asked if we could care for her. Chloe was emaciated, had
diarrhea, and a horrible respiratory infection. Of course,
we couldn't...we wouldn't turn our backs on a helpless pet.
Would you? Chloe is now healing, adding weight slowly,
and each day growing more comfortable in our adoption
center. Soon we know that we will find a new home for 
Chloe...a family that will care for her and love her forever.
Frankly, Chloe is one of the lucky ones. Thanks to the
kindness of a stranger she is now receiving the care she
deserves. But there are hundreds of other kittens
abandoned on the streets of our city right now. Pets that
need us. Pets that need you.

Right now, please make as generous a contribution as
you can afford to help Bideawee help Chloe, and
hundreds more like her who, without us, will die on
the streets of our city. A gift today will make a real
difference and we thank you for whatever you can do.


Nancy Taylor
President & CEO
P.S. Chloe is safe now. But you and I both know that
we must do more to help abandoned pets, especially
with cold weather right around the corner. With your
support, we can and we will. Please, donate now.
To contact us, please send us an email: Bideawee@bideawee.org.
Bideawee is funded 100% by private contributions. To help us
continue our vital work to help animals, please donate today.

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