Friday, August 13, 2010

I am up to my eyeballs in dogs and cat problems!!!

Here's Ditto -- the cat I cannot catch!

Here's Austen--feeling much better now
For the last month or two, I have been in the middle of some type of animal crisis.  First, Austen got really sick.  Ran a temp and had diarrhea for 4 days.  I just get the floors all cleaned up from that when, in one of the traps I had been setting to catch the "feral" cats on my porch, I caught a strange grey tomcat not once but three times!

KT after his trip to the Vet still has an appetite
Then, I get a call from my sister while I am at work telling me that we caught one of the cats we were trying to catch.  I'm thinking to myself, "How?  I didn't set any of the traps again."  But, truly, I did catch KT in a non-baited trap.  So off to the vet to get shots and neutered.  He was NOT amused, but he got through it all with grace and aplomb.  He stayed in the house for about 48 hours but then had to get outside or die!  So, then I tried again to catch his sister, Ditto, to no avail.  I am giving up for a short while to let them both forget about the traps.  I did, however, discover that there is a gigantic, enormous raccoon that comes and eats the cat food on my porch--so now I feed them differently.  There no longer is any food left on the porch at night.
Wicked--being wicked!

The kitten, Wicked, went in to the vet for shots and worming.  She is very slowly getting socialized, but she still hisses and spits when you catch her.  She likes playing with her toys and she loves being fed; she's just not too sure about being touched by humans.  When I took her back for the second set of kitten shots, I had to take my Satchmo who now was sick with diarrhea (my poor floors).  He had tests run and we discovered he has giardia (a protozoan) so he is being treated for seven days. 

My poor baby, Satchmo!
He also had blood work done and the vet called me and said, "There are so many things wrong with this lab that I'm not sure what to suggest we do first."   Not something you want to hear from the vet about your baby.  So he had to go back for another blood test on his thyroid.  She is worried about his kidneys because he is throwing too much protein.  She is worried about his adrenals because he has too much steriod hormones in his system.  She is worried about his gallbladder because his stool is so foul and dark.  She is mostly worried about his liver because his liver function test came back and it was off the scale high!  So, I now get to take him for an ultasound of his liver,gall bladder, kidney, and adrenals.  Then he goes for a cystogram--where they insert a needle into his bladder and extract a specimen first thing in the morning.  This does not sound good.

So, I am worried.  I am very worried.

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