Friday, July 9, 2010

Things have gotten rather busy around here

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, but it really got busy at my home.  Austen was sick last weekend with fever, diarrhea and lethargy.  He was sick most of the weekend and I was ready to take him to the vet when I got off work Sunday, but he perked up and got an appetite.  Must have been the Pepto Bismol!  Anyway, he was back to his old self by Monday morning, so I was pleased. 

Then this week, Satchmo got sick with pretty much the same symptoms.  I didn't wait around with him because he is 12 and because he dehydrates really fast with diarrhea.  So, off to the vet Thursday.  He is now on a bland diet with probiotic powder on top of it.  He also is taking Flagyl which makes me shudder, but he seems to have no ill effects from it.  Today, he seems to be almost himself again, so I guess it is working.

The outside cats are doing well, and I have wormed them in the canned food I feed at night.  They eat just about anything I put out there, so that has not been hard.  They look better and are really shiny black.  The female, Ditto, had kittens and I managed to catch them only to discover that the kids around here had broken the front leg of the little black one, so I had it put to sleep.  The other one is a black and white female and she is a pistol.  She has been in the house in a cage for a week and she still hisses and spits, but I don't have to wear gloves to pick her up.  She has recently begun purring when I take her out to hold her, so I think she will come around.  I got her wormed and her shots started and next week I will take her back for a repeat.  When she is old enough I will get her spay and then I will find her a really good home.

So, I have been up to my eyeballs in animals for a while now, but I wouldn't change that at all.  I'm glad that the dogs feel better and I hope this kitten finds a great home when she is ready.  I plan to talk to my neighbor about helping me trap the two cats to get them shots and fixed soon.
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