Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here's an email I received that I felt was important ---

Sweet little Cassidy's owner never really cared. He turned his back on this wonderful little dog that was already at a disadvantage. He left him in a Georgia kill shelter where Cassidy really didn't stand much of a chance because of a birth defect that left him without a right front paw. But even in this hellish Southern shelter, a Bideawee Volunteer learned of Cassidy's plight and came to his rescue.

Cassidy's defect isn't painful, just challenging. It causes him to walk slowly and with a noticeable hop. He also suffers from a permanently collapsing trachea, which results in excessive coughing when he's excited or over exerted.

But this sweet little dog was definitely worth saving.

When Cassidy was rescued and brought into Bideawee's caring hands, our veterinarians found that he was also suffering from a host of other ailments, including a bad case of fleas, ear mites and bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. Our staff acted quickly and Cassidy soon started feeling and looking better.

His missing front paw plus his other health issue make this wonderful pet very difficult to place. Still, Bideawee is committed to doing what it takes to spiff him up and find someone who sees past his missing paw and makes Cassidy a permanent part of their family.

While it may take Cassidy longer to find his new home, Bideawee will give him the loving care, attention and medical assistance he so deserves despite the high cost.

But we need your help to make this possible. Your generous donations will keep Cassidy happy and healthy during his stay at Bideawee...and it will help find him a new family.

Regardless of all Cassidy has been through he continues to display a loving nature toward other dogs, cats, and kids. He's a friendly, well behaved and kennel trained guy that just loves a warm lap to sit on.

Please help us care for Cassidy as we search for his new forever home. Please donate now to enable Bideawee to care for Cassidy and all of the hard-to-adopt wonderful pets we have in our care. No matter what they may look like on the outside - Bideawee helps all pets with loving and expert care.

Please donate today.


To contact us, please send us an email:

Bideawee is funded 100% by private contributions. To help us continue our vital work to help animals, please donate today.

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