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Six ways to find a lost dog

 Here is a great article I found on my Linkedin group.  This article gives specific steps you can do to find your lost pet.  One thing that isn't mentioned, however, is the use of GPS collars and tags on your pets; also the use of microchips.  I am not really big on putting a chip in my pet, but I have considered getting a GPS unit for his collar.  The cost is not as bad as you might think, and if having it would bring him home, it would be money well spent.

Please read this article and send it to anyone you may know who has lost a pet.  Maybe this will help bring their baby home.

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Lost dog in Jamaica.
Lost dog in Jamaica.
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According to, less than 16% of lost dogs are returned to their rightful owners. As a result, if your canine goes missing, it is important to act right away. You want to do whatever you can to find your lost dog and avoid becoming a statistic. Here's how. Just:

1- Post signs.
Let your neighbors and the general public knows you are trying to find a lost dog by posting signs. Place them in areas that everyone can see. Be sure to ask for permission to place them in storefronts and other venues owned by another party.

2- Use Facebook.
Sign onto Facebook and ask your contacts for help. Get them to spread the word. This socialite is proving to be an excellent way to find lost dogs that otherwise might remain a stray. Here's one success story: Family uses Facebook to find owner of lost dog.

3- Contact the police.

Use this method if you believe your dog's been stolen. Be prepared to answer a few questions and give a complete description of your pet. The police will need as much information as possible to find your pet.

4- Notify local shelters.
Call local shelters and file a lost pet report with them. This way, if one picks your dog, they will know he has an owner. This process may take some time, so you may want to enlist the aide of a family member or friend.

5- Place an ad in the paper.
Put an ad in your local paper with a description of your lost dog and your phone number. Leave out identifying descriptions so you can ask the caller. Also, understand that some people may use your loss as an opportunity to play a prank. Therefore, don't give out too much information without first finding out if the person is serious.

6- Hire a pet detective.
If you can afford it, hire a pet detective. These people are professionals and can put the time and effort into an effective search for your lost dog. Visit Missing Pet Partnership for a directory.

Try one or a few of these six ways to find a lost dog and you will increase your chances of bringing home your canine. Find out more about how to locate a lost dog by visiting
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