Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday True Stories -- Moe couldn't escape the speeding car in his path

 I just found this site and read the story of Moe.  I was really moved at the compassion and care he has received by all except the driver of that car.  Please visit this site and sign up.  It's totally free and maybe you will see something there that moves you to contribute, who knows.  To read all about Moe and others just like him, please visit Bidawee.org.

For some, going to the airport means a trip to paradise, unfortunately for Moe this was more like a nightmare. Moe desperately tried to out run the speeding car that was bearing down on him. Unsuccessful, he was left by JFK Airport with one leg severely broken, one leg dislocated and numerous deep lacerations. Moe now faces a long road of expensive surgery and many hours of recovery before he is able to resume his life as a loving companion. With your help we can make sure he gets the medical attention and compassionate care he deserves.

Police rescued Moe as he dragged his wounded body around JFK Airport. They brought Moe to a city shelter, but its facilities couldn't give him the care he needed to survive. Those at the shelter feared that Moe would have to be euthanized so they emailed Bideawee with a plea to help save Moe and give him another chance at life.

Moe has so much courage and kindness is his two year old body. When Moe came in we rushed him into the exam room where he allowed the doctors to examine both his legs and treat his gashes without any resistance in spite of how much pain he was experiencing.

Moe is now safe at Bideawee, although he's still in pain, he knows that he will receive the surgeries and care necessary to make a full recovery. Due to the severity of Moe's injuries his heeling process will be a lengthy one. He will not be able to put any weight on his hind legs for a long time as his little body recovers from the trauma he experienced.

Moe is such a friendly, sweet dog. He craves attention as he awaits the surgery he so desperately needs. What we want most is to help Moe heal and give him a second chance at life so that he can find a forever family that will give him the love he so richly deserves.

Please make a donation today to help Moe heal so we can find him his forever home.     

If you are unable donate at this time we understand. We would love to keep you in the informed on what's new at Bideawee. Please join our Bideawee online family today to receive Bideawee News, pet health tips, rescue stories and more! Become a member now - It's Free.

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