Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey, Boys you wanna go OUTSIDE?

This is the response I get when I utter the WORD-------outside-----

Instantly, I have their undivided attention.  They immediately go on ALERT!
This is my view of Satchmo when we go out.  He rarely pays me any attention.  Here he has picked up a "scent".
Now he realizes that I am talking to him and he thinks I want to play.

Austen is on the hunt for that "perfect" spot.

Satchmo can spend all day with his nose in the grass.  What can he find there that is so interesting?

Here's a shot of Austen and the feral cat.  We've named him KT and he really likes Austen.  It looks like Austen wants to have nothing to do with the cat, though.

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