Friday, May 7, 2010

Austen went to the Pretty Parlor and now he is so cute!

Well, Austen's hair had gotten so long on his face that he could not see anymore. He also smelled to high heaven, so we took him today to get bathed and clipped. He also got his nails trimmed and painted. He cannot stand it and has been chewing the polish off since coming home.

The funniest thing about this was the "report card" that was sent with him home. He got good marks for his temperament, but he got "needs improvement" for following directions. I think it really says: We had some trouble with his feet!

Anyway, here are some pictures I took when he got home.
 He does look better I think.

He went directly to his comfort spot under the table and began to chew off the nail polish!

This is his way of telling me he had a really bad day!  Don't you just feel sorry for him?

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