Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring brings squirrels!

Satchmo is a rat terrier and as such, he loves to hunt for "rats".  Since he has never ever seen a real rat, he finds make-believe rats everywhere and chases them.  Squirrels are his all time favorite prey.  He loves to chase them and bark at them.  What is even better is that they seem to love tormenting him just as much. 

I live in an apartments complex that has numerous ancient oak trees.  We probably have hundreds of squirrels, both old timers and newly born.  Satch has developed a "second sight" about when a squirrel is in the tree next to him.  He can find a squirrel in the highest branches and we all know that dogs don't have the best eyesight.

There is a big oak right in the middle of our yard and we have a large, fat, male squirrel that must winter over in that tree, because he has been there for the last two years.  Now whenever I take Satch outside, he goes directly to the base of that tree and sniffs all around then he will look intently up at the branches until I have to drag him away.  Heaven help us if he actually sees the squirrel.  Then no pulling will get him away from the tree and he will bark until he is hoarse.

It's funny but really its pathetic.  Here is a dog that wants to hunt and he lives in an apartment.  So sad!

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