Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The continuing saga of the feral cats.....

So, KT is finally becoming friendly enough that he wants to be scratched and petted.  He even lets me pick him up occasionally.  I want to take him to get fixed and his shots, but I am afraid that if I do, the other cat will freak out and leave. 

Speaking of the other one.  I have named her Ditto and she is definitely a she as I think she is pregnant.  Great!  More feral cats.   She is still very skittish and bolts if you get too close.  I am trying to find a place to fix her a box for birthing her babies, but I think she will just find another spot herself if I do.  I have been feeding her extra to try to ensure the babies are healthy. 

The surprise, however, is that there is a third cat.  This litter originally was 4 kittens.  One was run over in the apartment parking lot pretty soon after they were around.  Then there were three.  They played and slept and played some more, but one day there was just two, so I figured the third was run over too.  I was wrong.

I don't know where this cat has been, but it is exactly the same age and size as the two I have been feeding.  It even has the faint white spot on its neck that the other two have.  So, I have decided it is the long lost litter-mate.  It is really feral--hisses and bolts the minute it sees you, but it does come to eat at the bowl so I think I have a chance to calm it also.  Don't know if it is male or female, but I would guess it is male if it has been able to fend alone so long. 

Anyway, here are some new pics of the little feral kitties.  Satchmo and Austen are enjoying KT, who goes on walks with us every morning and plays with the boys' leashes.

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  1. I wonder if there is a rescuer near you with live traps? It would be nice to catch them all at once for trips to the vet.

    In general, I don't think there is a big concern about the other cats getting so scared that they won't come back. They'll run when a trap closes but curiosity will bring them back. If you have one you can handle, though, why not just quietly put it in a carrier?

    I do feral cat rescue in my own area and have a whole photo blog about it, but there is probably someone near you with the live traps and the experience to help you with these kitties.