Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Austen got a haircut....and what a haircut!

My neighbor came over this week and graciously agreed to clip Austen.  I agreed to help him and we set about doing just that.  However, we both forgot to ask Austen if he wanted to participate...which he most definitely did not!  We got most of his hair clipped until we came to the face.  At that point, he went ballistic and we had to stop, so he looks kinda like a hairless schnauzer.  He is absolutely horrified at the way he looks and tries to hide under funiture and under bedcovers.  I think he probably is chilly, too, since he no longer has any extra hair on his torso.  His poor little tail is just a twig sticking straight up from his back.  I'll try to see if he will let me take a picture of him, but I don't think he will. 

I was going to try to work on his face tonight or tomorrow, but I am not sure if he can stand anymore trauma.  I think he may have to go to "The Pretty Parlor" from now on so he can get his hair clipped.

Okay, he let me take pictures, but he refuses to stand up and let me show you the full effect!

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