Thursday, February 18, 2010

Here's a follow-up on the status of Austen's haircut

clippers 2Image by muhammad.u via Flickr
I went and bought a clipper that is small and made for faces and feet.  I really only want his face clipped and for his feet to be clipped so he doesn't get soggy when we go out in the rain.  I did get his feet clipped with quite a bit of argument from Austen.  However, when I started on his face, he went crazy and flipped his body every which way until I turned him loose.  So, he has small sections on his face that are clipped, but that's all.

What I need is for someone to give me some pointers on how to go about doing this.  I don't think it should take very long and I hate to have to take him to a groomer and leave him for several hours just to clip his face.  So, can anyone out there give me some pointers?  I'm desperate.

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