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Cody Brody had his surgery and is doing better!

Back on December 4th I posted an article about a little rat-man that was in dire straits.  He had been thrown out of a moving vehicle and both front legs were broken.  He was to have surgery to repair these breaks and Ratbone Rescues was collecting money to help pay the $2000.00 costs.  Below is his story and if you follow the link to watch his progress, you will get to see pictures of him without his casts and walking!

Well, here is an update from Ratbone Rescues blog:

Cody Brody Ratbone
Cody's Ouchie
Cody Brody is a
10 pound, blue
tri-colored Rat
Terrier, estimated
to be 2 years old.

Little Cody was taken
to an animal shelter
in east-central Florida
after being tossed from a moving car.

When Cody Brody
hit the ground he
fractured the radius
and the ulna in both
of his front legs.
His right leg had a
"compound fracture", which means the broken ends of the
bones came through
the skin.

The shelter took little Cody to a vet for treatment, and then started looking for a rescue to take him and get him on the road to recovery. A local rescue offered but backed out, so Ratbone Rescues was contacted - and we picked him up the next day; this was 9 days after the local vet had cast his legs.

Little Cody was very fearful in the shelter. He was also in a lot of pain, so he showed his teeth and growled at everyone. He also tried to bite if anyone made a move to touch him. We were sure that Cody was just in pain, and that once he was out of the shelter he could learn to trust again. This was proved after his arrival at his temporary foster home, where he slowly showed his care-givers that he was open to their attempts to "connect" with him.
After 3 days in his temporary foster home Cody made the drive north to Daytona to meet his permanent fostermom - and his orthopedic surgeons. But the enclosed cars soon made it clear that there was something very wrong with Cody - something really stinky! Instead of waiting for his appointment the next day, Cody's fostermom took him straight to the vet's office, where we found that the fiberglass cast had not been padded - and had cut into his right leg and foot. These wounds and the open wound under the cast on his right leg had become septic (infected) - which was what caused him to smell so bad. Cody was not especially happy to see the staff at our vet's office,
but that would soon change.

Cody's X-Rays
X-rays revealed that Cody's legs had never been set, and the bones were overlapped by 1/2 inch on the right leg and 1 inch on the left. Once our vets removed the painful casts and got his wounds cleaned - and gave him medications for infection and pain - Cody was a new dog! He is friendly, trusting, and sweet.
Cody's surgeons - Dr. Robert Goring and Dr. Steve Neihaus, of Affiliated Veterinary Specialists (Orange Park, FL) - have a plan for our boy. First, they will give him time for his open wounds to begin to heal. Next, they will operate on Cody's legs, removing a small section of each bone to allow proper alignment; stainless steel plates and pins will be used to hold the bones in place while they heal. Before surgery and during the healing process Cody will be given antibiotics and medications to manage his pain. Cody's surgery is scheduled for December 8, 2009. After surgery he will spend several days in the hospital, so a close eye can be kept on his progress. Then Cody will return to his foster home for 8 to 12 weeks of recovery and rehabilitation. At 4 and 8 weeks post-surgery Cody will probably need x-rays, to make sure his bones are mending as they should.
To watch Cody's progress please use this link.
WARNING: graphic photos of open wounds - not for the squeamish!

The estimated cost of Cody Brody's surgical and medical care is $4,000 - if there are no unexpected complications. Our wonderful "Dr. G" gives us a 50% discount, so we need to raise at least $2,000 to pay for Cody's care. Please help us to reach our goal.

Cody Brody has had surgery on both legs, and so far things look very good. The first surgery was done on December 7th, on his left leg. His right leg was repaired on December 9th. Cody had to donate a bit of his shoulder bone to help repair his right leg, so he was a little bit more uncomfortable after that surgery.
Cody's Feeling Better
Cody spent the weekend (December 11-13) at his foster home, getting extra attention and lap time, and returned to the hospital on December 14th for bandage changes and a check-up. He will need daily bandage changes for the rest of the week, and possibly physical therapy. We hope Cody can go back
home on Thursday or Friday.

Cody Brody will need x-rays in about 4 weeks, to make sure the bones are healing as they should; he will need additional x-rays 3 to 4 weeks after that. All in all his doctors expect Cody to be ready to play in about 12 weeks, after strict crate rest and leashed walks only (with lots of lap time).
Christmas Day Update:
Cody Brody is feeling fine! He's had all the sutures removed from both legs, and will be getting follow-up x-rays on January 4th - to make sure his legs are healing as they should. Cody is having to spend his days lounging around in his crate (with very short, leashed walks for potty breaks), but he's taking it all in stride. What a Champ!!
Cody's Ready for Santa

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