Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OMG!!!! Who could be so seriously cruel and hateful?

Here is a blog post I found at Dandelion Arts that just stopped me cold.  I was dumbfounded and my heart was broken.  I absolutely cannot understand this behavior.  I am so grateful for the person who found and rescued this little boy.  He certainly has not experienced any kernel of kindness from humans in his life it seems.  Maybe, now, he can see that people don't have to be horrible and he can feel love.

This is just not acceptable behavior in a civilized nation.  This needs to be investigated and prosecuted.

Helping poor little Prince Babe get to rescue...

I'll be helping this poor little urchin get to rescue next week. His name is PRINCE BABE, an approximately 5-year old Chihuahua that was found in a box near an apartment complex. Here is what the foster mom wrote about Babe:

As you can see he is quite pitiful. However, he looks tremendously better than when I got him on 1/4/10. When they first saw him at Whitfield Animal Hospital on 12/30/09, he weighed 4 lbs. He now is 5 lbs. and 11 ounces. He has also had several medicated baths which help with the peeling skin - a by-product of bad nutrition and a bacterial infection. He is taking antibiotics, prednisone, and soloxine. The first few days I had him, he just slept. I woke him up to eat after which he would go potty (he uses puppy pads.) I didn't think that was healthy so I took him to Dalton Animal Care where they put him on the medications and advised the medicated baths. They also clipped his nails, cleaned his ears, etc. It didn't take but a day on the meds before he actually became alive. He still doesn't play - don't think he knows how, but he does get up and roam around the house and eats like a horse. He also loves to be held and petted.

Such a sad little guy. I hope after our "transport train" gets him to his destination that he will be loved and cherished, instead of abandoned in a box suffering from disease and malnutrition. I don't understand this behavior.
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