Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Satchmo is healing well and feeling much better!

It's been a week today since Satch's ordeal with the vet and his lost teeth.  I am being religious about his antibiotic and he seems to be healing quite nicely.  He still is scratching at his muzzle, but not quite as frantically.  I think his mouth must itch as it is healing, but he eats a soft diet without any problem and he has become much livelier and stubborn--more like himself.

He has begun to play with his toys again, much to the chagrin of the foster dog, Austen.  Austen had begun to believe that the toys were all his and yesterday, Satchmo had to explain the facts to Austen--complete with loud growling and snapping and barking.  Austen is no dummy and immediately gave up the toys!

Satchmo has also begun to be very loving again.  His breath is so much better!  He is a licker, has been his whole life, so having improved breath is really good.

Next week, he needs to go back for a checkup and to get his stitches out on his leg.  He never even looks at that incision anymore so I know it has been healing well.  I can only hope that his follow-up gives him a clean bill of health.  He is my little man and I want him to be happy and healthy as we move into the new year.
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