Thursday, December 3, 2009

Okay, here are the final results of the Vet hunt!

Yesterday I got to looking at the "growth" on Satch's leg and decided I really had to do something about it.  I spoke to my neighbors with the Corgi and got the name of their vet.  I called and they gave me a same day appointment.

Somewhat reservedly, I went to see this vet.  First, let me say, the place is a long way from my home, but first impressions were great.  It is located in a lovely two-story house type structure and had lovely gardens and statuaries all around.  They also had a stand with baggies and a trash receptacle in the yard.  That was good because Satch's first impulse when faced with a vet's office is to poop!

Anyway, after cleaning up after him, we went into the foyer.  Satch immediately eyed the Doggie Butler standing by the door with a tray of homemade dog treats and begged for one.  So I gave him a treat and he proceeded to carry it around in his mouth the entire time we were there.

The staff and the vet were wonderful, I felt that they actually heard my concerns and wanted to address them in a way that would be beneficial for my Satch.  The vet did a needle biopsy to see if the growth needed to be removed immediately or if it could wait until after the holidays.  She came back with the good news that this was the human equivalent of a mole and she saw no reason I could not wait until next month to have it removed.

I did get an estimate for cleaning his teeth, but I had to ask for it.  All the vet said was, "Yes, he does seem to have some tooth and mouth issues that you will need to think about addressing soon."  Her estimate included not only the cleaning but also the surgical removal of this nasty growth and the total was only $453.00.  You can bet I will make that appointment after Christmas.

So, finally we have a vet we seem to both like and my little man will get the care he deserves!
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