Sunday, November 15, 2009

Living with Ratties!

Minature Rat TerrierImage by JKleeman via Flickr

 Here is a snippet I found out in the net about living with two ratties.  As I read it, I was chuckling to myself, as these thoughts have been expressed by anyone who owns rat terriers.  In this snippet, the author can't figure out how to keep the dogs out of the kitchen.  I simply gave that idea up.

Other rattie owners talk about how these lovely little sweeties can be so independent, intelligent, loyal, stubborn, did I say stubborn?  Well, all of those traits are true to the breed, but the best trait of a rat terrier is the love you get in such a compact bundle.

These are not cuddlesome, fluffy puppies.  These are more like caffeine crazed cats in a very small dog body!
They will cuddle--but when they want to.  They will be held--but only when they want it.  They will mind your commands--as long as you ask them to do what they want to do anyway.

Anyway, owning a rat terrier is unlike owning any other type of dog.  I have had mutts, pure breds, and I have to say having a Rat Terrier is my favorite!


Rat Terriers

I live with two Rat Terriers that are just plain smarter than I am. They have the ability to reason. I have an entry way to my kitchen from the living room and there is no door. When I have guests over to my house for dinner, I would like to keep the dogs out of the kitchen while I am cooking. I have tried various tall dog gates but so far, I haven’t found one that keeps the dogs out of the kitchen. The first one I tried had little holes in it big enough for the dogs to climb up like a ladder. Before I knew what was happening, there they both were in the kitchen! The next one I bought was an accordion style that they just kept knocking down any time they felt like it. I have even tried to crate them but the howling sounds they made would put a banshee to shame. I guess that I will either stop inviting guests for dinner or just explain to my guests that in our house, dog hair is a spice.

Posted on November 11th, 2009

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