Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The foster dog Saga continues!

Tomorrow is the day we are taking the little foster dog in to be neutered.  He will get his last shots and then have his procedure done.  After that, I will have done all I can to give him a good life--except adopt him which is looking more and more likely. 

My Satchmo, however, is not pleased.  I spent the entire night last night being the referee between the two dogs.  Satchmo likes to sleep under the bed covers but up by the pillows so his nose is exposed.  This little dog, Austen, usually will sleep at the foot of the bed on top of the covers, but last night he wanted to sleep under the covers and when he could not do that, he wanted to sleep on top of Satchmo.  Guess who didn't exactly agree with the sleeping arrangements?  Yep!  I spent most of the night separating the fighting dogs.  I was not pleased with either one, but I do have to agree with Satchmo that he should not have to give up his spot just  because there is a new dog here.  I cannot quite make Austen see the sense of this, as he very much wants to have his head right up Satchmo's butt.

Anyway, the two will just have to work it out, or one of them will be sleeping in the cage at night.

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