Thursday, October 8, 2009

Foster-dog Competition!

Okay, we have a dilemma at our house. It seems that the current economic downturn has affected us, but in a more positive way than my neighbor. Due to the death of her husband and caring for her invalid mother, my neighbor--who is a very wonderful and giving individual--has been unable to obtain regular work. With the passing of her mother in June, she began looking in earnest for a job. Now, this is a well-educated woman with 2 master's degrees and who has been a director at a youth shelter for pregnant girls. She cares deeply for others and never complains about her current situation. I used to see her up at 6AM out walking the dog so she could go to the Workforce Center to look for a job. She did this daily for months until she had exhausted her unemployment benefits, and had racked up over 100 applications and interviews. She finally succumbed to depression and a sense of worthlessness caused by being unable to find work. She couldn't even find a job a Walmart or McDonalds because she was "over qualified".

Well, the bottom line is that she was evicted from the apartment next door to me this week and is now homeless and living on the streets. My heart is broken, I cannot think of anything so horrible. When she left, she timidly asked me to take care of her little dog so she wouldn't have to lose him too. She initially was planning to take him to the Humane Society, but I don't think another loss was something she could bear. I, of course, agreed to foster Austen until she gets back on her feet and can come reclaim him. He is a Malti-Poo (sorry for the spelling) and adorable. He is about 1 year old.

So, to the story of this post. He and Satchmo are trying to make friends, he is trying more than Satch, but Satch is an old man and rather grumpy. Anyway, we now are a two dog household and I'm not sure how my little man will adapt. I have to say that Austen is delightful. He is quiet, he is gentle, he minds well, and he is sort of housebroken. He seems to be settling in well. The only thing I see is he is also an escape artist and I seem to be having to chase him down and bring him back home frequently. I am working on this as we speak.

I will let you know how this turns out, please pray for my neighbor. She is now one of those statistics we hear about on the nightly news. Now when I hear about the economy, those stories have a face. I am sad and angry and I miss my friend next door.

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