Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rat Terrier: Dog Breeds, Info and Pictures

I keep finding really good sites that describe these wonderful little dogs.  I wholeheartedly recommend this breed for anyone looking to have a loyal, loving, enjoyable companion.  There are some negatives to this breed, but overall, they are the best!  If you ever bond with a Rattie, you will never want any other type of dog.

Anyway, below is an excerpt from CanineCrib.com that I hope you will visit and read the excellent information they have available about this breed as well as many other dog breeds.

Country: United States
Size: Toy 4-6lb, 8in - Min 6-8lb, 8-14in - Stan 12-35lb, 36-56in
Temperament: Alert
Grooming: Little
Recognition: UKC, CKC, NKC, UKCI, ACR, APRI

History - The Rat Terrier, popular in the 1800’s with the English miners was used to kill the rats found in the mine shafts and the shacks where the miners slept. The miners bet on which dog would kill the most rodents, and also used them in dog-fighting. These game were a popular pastime for the English miners.Once known as “feists” for their feisty nature, the dogs were a cross between several breeds: the Smooth Fox Terrier, The Manchester Terrier and the white English Terrier, long since extinct. Over time, they were also paired up with the whippet, and the greyhound to induce great speed and stamina. The beagle was introduced in the line to sharpen hunting skills.Teddy Roosevelt hunted with his Rat Terriers earning them the distinction of being called Teddy Roosevelt Terriers. But as time passed they were simply known again as Rat Terriers.There are two types of Rat Terriers- a short-legged Rat Terrier believed to have been crossed with either Corgis or Dachshunds. The short-legged terrier was the one favored by Teddy Roosevelt.Over time, they were also paired up with the whippet or the greyhound to induce great speed and stamina, and the beagle was also introduced in the line to sharpen the hunting skills. This gave way to the long- legged Rat Terrier capable of great speed and stamina. These Rat Terriers are used by hunting and sporting enthusiasts.Appearance - The Rat Terrier has a thick, short-haired shiny coat. They are suitable for trailing and exposing game birds and hunting jackrabbits or squirrels. Their Heads are braod and ears a V-shaped. The ration of length to height is 10:9 with short legged dogs disqualifying in the show ring. They are good-natured, active and intelligent dogs with a nose for scenting and speed and grace for the chase.Description - The Rat Terrier seems always alert and are a very active breed, think of the the Jack Russell Terrie and multiply him by 2! When not hunting however, the Rat Terrier is a great companion, getting alone with children, other dogs and even cats. The breed was defined and accredited in 1995 with a breed standard being written and faithfully maintained by conscientious breeders today.
Color - Variety of Colors
Life Expectancy - 11-14 years
Other Names - American Rat TerrierRat Terrier
Grooming (90%)
 Exercise (90%)
Feeding (90%)
 Temperament (100%)
Watchdog (100%)

Rat Terrier: Dog Breeds, Info and Pictures
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