Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Helping Rat Terrier puppies at a shelter

Here is an article from a blog written by a very nice person.  He makes his home available for puppies that would ordinarily have to live in cages at a shelter while awaiting their "forever home".  He socializes them, feeds and fattens them if they need it, and gives them a loving home to explore (or tear apart) which helps to build good self esteem for the adoptable pups.  Rat Terriers are very much people dogs and these puppies certainly found their "angel" the day he took them home.

Be sure to check out his blog.  He has many stories about puppies he has helped in their journey to their new homes.  This is an amazing fellow!

Returning to the shelterTHE LONG WALK  

The rat terriers have been fattened up, slightly house-broken, and held for hours on end by myself and my friends, all in the name of creating a happy (albeit slightly spoiled) pet. Granted, the moment you put them down they immediately spotted the (a) shiny gum wrapper (b) interesting piece of gravel (c) random bit of trash on the ground, and rushed over to attack and ingest the foreign object. So our constant attention was vital for their survival. And it was also important for the survival of my shoes, a few of which will never be the same.Now I must bid them farewell.I brought the back to the shelter, it was time to move on. When we got out of the car they were very quiet, and stiff.Dogs know.

This has a happy ending of course: both pups had a long list of eager parents ready to snatch them up. Normally I don't know any details about where the dogs go, but this time I found out some details. Sister, whose real name is now Gracie, was adopted by a nice husband and wife who charter day trips on yachts. She zooms around the deck like she owns the place, and she jumped headfirst into the water and learned how to swim. Nancy Boy, whose real name I don't know, was adopted by a nice gay guy who will presumably continue to coddle him and keep his paws from getting dirty, which he hates. It's a perfect match for them both, I'd say.It's tough sending them out on their own.
How was your day, Dan?

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