Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Satchmo's daily routine

I don't know about any other pet owner, but I feel as if I spend an inordinate amount of my time with my dog--walking him, talking to him, feeding him, rewarding him, petting him, etc.
I was thinking about this as I was rushing home from running errands because I just knew he needed to go outside and I didn't want him to have an accident or to be too uncomfortable.

Here's a normal day for Satchmo:

Get up early and go outside...
about 30 minutes later, go outside for a walk so I can do my "business"
then come inside for my breakfast prepared for me by my loving mom.
Now that my stomach is full, I think a nap is called for!

2 hours later, stare at my mom until she stops whatever she is doing and we go outside
where I sniff and sniff, maybe pee a bit here and there and then lay down in the hot grass to sun while my mom stands by with the sun beaming on her head.

2 hours later, and after a lovely nap, I repeat the above, only this time I keep moving along until I manage to "steal" a pretty good walk without her noticing.

Now I eat a lovely snack prepared for me by my mom and then take a really long nap. Here is where I try to get her to let me get in her lap so I can be comfortable and keep her from being able to do anything else. Oh Heaven!

Now awake, it's outside again to rest in the sunshine and maybe pee a bit here and there.

Here, I usually try to eat some of that dry stuff left out for me, but it is hard to chew and it hurts my teeth, so I only eat part of it and leave the pieces laying all over the carpet in the living room.

Goody, it's now dinner time. Here I get to practice my "prairie dog squat" to be able to see what is for dinner and to let my mom know that I am still here.

After getting pieces of Mom's meal, I am ready to go for another walk. This time I try to keep us out as long as I can, so since Mom is so interested in whether or not I poop, I hold it until she shows signs of giving up on me.

Back home, it's nap time. This time, I scratch and push the pillows on the couch until I make a small fortress in the corner. Here is where I hide myself away and dream sweet dreams for a few hours.

Uh-oh! Mom's yawning and getting up from watching TV. Time for me to go outside before bed. This time, I try to lengthen our outside time, but she drags me in the house. Oh, well.

Now, me and Mom get into bed. I like to take the spot in the exact middle of the bed and scratch and scratch until it feels just right. I don't know why Mom always pushes me out of the spot onto the cold sheets, but I finally give up arguing with her and lie down for the night. I am content because I know that tomorrow is another day and all of this will begin all over! Oh Joy!