Friday, May 22, 2009

The Little Man has been Sick!

I haven't been able to blog about Mr. Satchmo much. He has been feeling under the weather. I took him to the 24hour vet the other night and he got some pain medicine and muscle relaxants. The vet felt that he was having some intervertebral disc pain because he snapped at her when she was running her thumbs down his spine during his exam.

I don't know about the disc issue, I just thought he was registering his displeasure with the vet. He has been acting really weird though, so maybe he does hurt somewhere. I finally took him to see the vet after he actually jumped into the bathtub and would not come out. The bathtub is not a place he generally goes voluntarily, so this was scary! He took the pills and is now feeling better; he is acting more like himself. I hope that is that.

I hate when he gets sick. I feel so helpless and when you try to tell your vet about what you think, the vet acts like you don't know anything. I tell them I am a nurse and trained to observe and report symptoms, and I live with this dog and know his normals. They just nod and smile and you can tell they totally discount you.

Anyway, the little man seems to be mending well, so hopefully that is that.