Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You only think you want a Rattie!

Recently, I was surfing the internet and found this site--"Rat Terriers
What's good about 'em, What's bad abou
t 'em"

As I read this site, I wondered to myself if Satchmo had been visiting the author because he certainly "nailed" my dog. There is not one piece of information on that page that does not describe Satchmo to a "T".

So, if a rat terrier might be in your future, please click over to see if it will be a good fit. Ratties are really not for everyone, even though they are little and cute.

Another thing I thought about today is Satch's babies. Back when he was locked up in the cage for all those weeks, he spent the days at my neice's home while I worked. She carried him outside and carried him back inside while he "did his business" and then she talked to him all day long so he wouldn't get lonely. He looked so pitiful that I guess she decided he needed his own "baby" to be in the cage with him. She got him a Taco Bell Chihuahua that were all the rage at the time. OMG! He loves that thing!!!!

He played with that stuffed dog so much that it stopped talking and had a permanent stain on its back from being in his mouth all the time. When I started travel nursing, we had to pack Baby in the car with us and he played with it when we stopped and spent the night at motels.

One day, I simply could not find Baby!!! It was a MAJOR EMERGENCY!!!!!!!! We looked everywhere. Satch moped around and stopped being himself. I tore the apartment apart looking for that stupid stuffed dog to no avail. Being the good mom that I am, I went online and found another Taco Bell Chihuaha on Ebay. Paid $8.00 for the damn thing plus shipping. Nevertheless, my Satchmo was going to have his Baby.

The exact day that it arrived, I found the first Baby. So, now Satchmo has two Babies and he is so happy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is Satchmo riding in the car. He loves to go riding. He is really very compliant and obedient in the car--amazingly enough, because he is not either compliant or obedient anywhere else!

This is what you will see the entire time you are riding around, unless a big truck happens to pass you--then he barks!

This particular pic is when we were in Berkeley, California. He loved the weather there. He is definitely a Cali-man!